Count Backwards from 10, Mommy

I let Casey, my 6 year old, ride in the front seat tonight on our way home from her 2 hour long big girl dance class. That may have been a bad idea but please don’t call child protective services. 🙂
She could tell that I’d been crying and wasn’t terribly concerned because anyone who knows me also knows that I cry for every emotion. But she asked, “why are you crying, Mommy?”. I explained to her that my dear friend had lost her Daddy today and I was sad for her and feeling a little homesick since I wouldn’t be able to make it home for services on Friday. She looked at me intently as I spoke, let me speak without interruption and grabbed my hand. I didn’t want to tell her how crushing it feels to me that November 5 will no longer just be the day we celebrate my Papa’s birthday but will forever be the day that Leigh lost her own Daddy, too. So, we just sat there in silence for a moment holding hands while I cried a bit more. Then Casey said to me, “I feel bad for your friend…but it’s okay to cry Mommy…when you’re ready to stop you can count backwards from 10 and take a deep breath. That will help.” Then she smiled. What a kid. I think she actually made my heart swell.
Times like these should make you think about your own mortality, I think that is a normal reaction. So here’s what I think:
We have to just love each other while we can…everything else is bullshit.
I love you. Yes, you. XO
Love, Edwina