Just be yourself…

I love Pinterest as much as the next girl and I do sometimes find myself reading quotes that are in just the right font, over just the right background thinking “aw, ain’t that nice?” and repinning.
But this one:
Just Be Yourself.
Well I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. On the one hand, who else can I possibly be? I am me, myself…right? On the other hand, I think maybe I’m gonna call bullshit on people saying that at all. After all, it’s just a cliche thing to say right? When people say “be yourself.” Don’t they really mean “be yourself…as long as you don’t annoy me, embarrass me or get in the way of me being myself.” ? I may say I want my husband to be himself but that’s only as long as he doesn’t smoke in the basement, make me listen to too much death metal, complain about work or give me a hard time for going out with my friends instead of him. I’m constantly telling my children to do something or stop doing something…while telling them to be themselves. How long before they say “wait a minute, lady!”? And say someone told me that they seriously wanted me to just be myself, whatever that may mean…what would I do differently? I constantly wonder how I come across to others but I’m terrified to know the truth. So, instead I think I try to become what they need.
I think I long ago picked up a habit from my Papa…it’s what helps me make friends easily. My father can incorporate himself into any kind of social group, he can make anyone feel comfortable and at ease. I know I do that too…I don’t know if he has the same feelings when he does it but I know it’s out of my need to please and be liked.
I want being myself to be equal parts humor, intelligence, kindness and confidence. Confidence has always been the toughest…the only thing I feel confident about most of the time is that I’m a good mother and I’d say I’m only about 86% confident on that front.
I guess this is the time of year to make grand assertions and resolutions. I think I’ve been waiting for permission from others to be myself while hoping they’ll still love me and being certain that they won’t. That’s probably the wrong way to go. I think a better idea is to encourage others to truly be themselves and promise that I’ll still love everything about them.